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Santex offers a complete range of products and services for the management and care of residents in over 700 Rest Homes, with over 50 specialised nurses.

What we offer

  • Complete range of aids for all types and levels of incontinence.
  • Consulting service on how to use our products appropriately, provided directly by our qualified staff.
  • Monitoring of the incontinence levels of residents so as to choose the most suitable products.
  • Assisting staff with training on our products.
  • Sharing of protocols for incontinence management and hygiene.
  • Support for consumption evaluation to optimise spending and management, also by means of periodic indexed reports.
  • Collection of orders at the facility, following an analysis of the needs of the departments and stocks present.
  • Customised order management programme.
  • Periodic checks on the complete management of the service.
  • Computerised system for the management of each unit/department, both for the selection of products suitable for residents for the 24-hour period and to determine the weekly load.
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly reports on costs and consumption, in order to assess and optimise spending and stocks for the Rest Home.

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Why choose Santex for your facility?

  • Free trialling of our products.
  • Over 50 nurses dedicated to Rest Homes.
  • 56 years of experience in the field of healthcare.
  • Certified production and management chain.
  • Fast, reliable delivery times.
  • Just-in-time telephone consulting.
  • Complete control over the certified production chain: products made by Santex entirely in Italy.
  • Simplified management and logistics, with a single supplier able to cover the whole range of incontinence products.