Even greater innovation: Santex’s new, tried, tested and inaugurated automatic warehouse.

Even greater innovation: Santex’s new, tried, tested and inaugurated automatic warehouse.

The warehouse, first inaugurated in June 2018, is an automated system, which serves to speed up and simplify the storage of our goods.

On completion of the works, which were commenced in July 2016, with the involvement of some 90 workers, the final inspection took place on 1 February 2018.
The overall area covered by the warehouse is some 33,000 square metres, and this includes a 1,900 sq m lamination basin to deal with one of the most current problems in terms of the environment: hydrogeological instability.

The area also includes agricultural vegetation, trees, cover shed, roads, ramps for shipping and loading/unloading – as well as, of course, the warehouse itself, which covers 6,180 sq m, with a height of 25 m and storage capacity of 17,640 UDC.
Inside the warehouse are 5 triple-depth aisles, set out on 8 levels (7 levels for H=2,400 pallets and 1 level for H=2,900 pallets), with 5 automatic stacker cranes operating in straight lines, while handling is also guaranteed by 7 steering shuttles.
Flows are regulated by algorithms that can be edited to suit requirements and feature FIFO (first-in/first-out) control.
The warehouse also has an “oxygen depletion” system which, as defined in the new fire safety technical directive (Decree 3 August 2015, GU Serie Generale no.192 of 20-8-2015, S6.6.5), creates the conditions to prevent any fires: the system maintains a constant atmosphere with slight oxygen reduction (17%-15%) to interrupt the fire triangle as it develops.

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