The success of Regenera By Egosan at the Pharmexpo event

The success of Regenera By Egosan at the Pharmexpo event

This year also, Santex took part in the new edition of Pharmexpo, the event that brings together under one roof the main names of the pharmaceutical world.

What is Pharmexpo?

Pharmexpo was created to bring together pharmacists, doctors, and operators who work in the field with pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmexpo is created in collaboration with FOFI, Federfarma, and with the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Besides, the organization works closely with the Campania Region and the National Health Service to improve the service offered.

Pharmexpo can boast 250 exhibitors and around 15,000 professional visitors, with numbers growing year by year.

In the 2019 edition, Regenera by Egosan stood out

During the last edition, held in Naples between 22 and 24 November 2019, the brand signed Santex stood out and dedicated exclusively to the pharmacy channel: Regenera by Egosan.

Thanks to a stand with a strong visual impact, to clear and precise communication and – of course to the Made in Italy quality of the products offered, the brand has received numerous demonstrations of interest from pharmacists, who, thanks to a product like Regenera have the opportunity to place themselves as a reference point for incontinence for the end-user.

On the occasion of Pharmexpo, there were many contact requests for the brand, and as many compliments received regarding the excellent quality/price ratio of the devices.

In particular, the feature that makes the Regenera by Egosan line unique, namely the use of Vitamin E to protect the skin from irritation, has aroused great interest. An extra touch of attention and care for the end-user which has also been appreciated by industry experts.

Also on this occasion, Santex had the pleasure of being able to verify on the field, by interfacing directly with the experts, the virtue of its choices: the innovation and the quality that distinguish us have led to new confirmations and new satisfactions.

What is Regenera?

Regenera by Egosan is a complete line of high quality and performance incontinence devices.

Studied exclusively for the Pharmacy channel, it offers innovative solutions that help to accredit the professionalism of the pharmacist.

Regenera proposes itself as an expert partner in the management of incontinence alongside the offer of excellent aids, a complete and versatile service to support the Pharmacist, with the aim of making him an incontinence consultant for his customers.

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