Santex offers products for incontinence, dressing, and orthopedics. What are they?

Santex offers products for incontinence, dressing, and orthopedics. What are they?

Santex offers two main types of medical devices: incontinence aids and dressing and orthopedics products. The company takes care of ensuring the best comfort and maximum functionality for its customers.

Each person must have the opportunity to feel comfortable with incontinence aids, choosing the one that best suits their needs.

Regarding dressing and orthopedic devices, those used in the professional field cannot be considered common use: they must be made and distributed with greater attention.

Products for incontinence, dressing, and orthopedics

Santex deals with the safety and protection of people by offering effective products capable of responding to various problems. As we have anticipated, the areas it covers are mainly two: Incontinence and Dressing and Orthopedics.

Incontinence products

Santex's medical devices include incontinence products.

These aids are good for both urinary and fecal incontinence. Based on the type of incontinence (more or less severe) and the needs of the person, the best absorbent aid can be chosen.

There are in fact various models, of different sizes and characteristics, from typical sanitary napkins for minor urinary losses to pants and diapers panties to cope with moderate and severe leaks.

Anti-odor and breathable, these devices make the person feel comfortable wherever they are. In addition, the work of those who take care of the client will also be easier.

Dressing and orthopedics

Santex is the only company in Italy to produce traditional and surgical instruments for Medication and Orthopedics.

From the simplest cotton to treat minor wounds to surgical swabs, the company offers various products useful for dressing. These products can be suitable for private individuals but also for those who work in the medical field.

On our site, you can find all the products that concern these two categories, with specific photos and information.

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