Santex, the company, and its people: Diego Bari, Quality Control Manager - Santex S.p.A.

Every company has its own history, identity and vision. What about Santex? We asked the people that contribute every day, with their work, to make it possible.

We interviewed Diego Bari, Quality Control Manager of the Santex production plant in Meledo (Vicenza). Diego is one of the main characters who work behind the scenes to bring quality products – that listen to the users’ different needs – on the Italian and foreign markets, in hospital departments and in people’s houses.

Diego has been working for Santex since 1993.  He is the Quality Manager at the Meledo plant and every day is responsible for the control and for the approval of both raw materials and finished products. Raw materials must comply with certain technical and quality specifications to be processed without problems or discrepancies. Finished products instead, must meet the purchaser’s requirements, or national and/or international regulations that determine the product’s performance, such as the absorption capacity, the liquid acquisition speed, in addition to other technical specifications such as the wearability, the softness, the dimensions and the thickness of the pad. Last but not least, he also takes care of the packaging and of others aspects (as it is the case for private labels production).

Control procedures and methods

At the Meledo laboratory, there are three people who work alongside Diego to control finished products. To cover all the production shifts, there is one laboratory operator per shift. Laboratory operators are responsible for carrying out laboratory tests required by the customer, as well as for ensuring further visual inspection during the production process on all the batches produced.

“The control of raw materials at their arrival”, Diego explains, “is performed by a person who verifies that they meet a number of predefined specifications. In fact, for each product and project launch, with my laboratory colleagues, we check and draw up a list of all the points that guarantee the performance and the stability of the product.”

“Four people in total take care of all types of tests recognized by the Italian and foreign markets. The samples of files and batches of raw materials and of finished products, as well as, the counter-samples with the final results are finally stored for any possible future checks.”

“The laboratory adopts the nomenclature methods plus all those methods required by specific markets, such as the MDS or the ISO-DIS 11948-1, which are internationally recognised methods. This flexibility makes it possible to guarantee achieving high-performance products for different target markets, both Italian and foreign.”

How does your work impact the product and the service that the customer receives?

“In a few words, the result of our work is measured with the client satisfaction, i.e. if the client doesn’t make any claim, if the quality of the goods he received is the quality he desired and the product meets the market requirements for which it was designed. We are not only talking about the product itself, but we must think of the whole process, including packaging and conditioning, they are both important players for the overall assessment of the good received. ”

What was the project or the challenge that has fascinated you the most?

“It is an ongoing challenge, also in view of the arrival of the new production lines that will be launched very soon. One of the projects I have loved the most, was to deal with the big volumes of the large-scale retail market. It was a great satisfaction to contribute to the creation of a product able to compete with multinational competitors and whose quality standards managed to make it enter onto foreign markets which was unthinkable only a few years ago.”

What does working for Santex mean to you?

“I am proud and pleased to work for an Italian company that continues to make Italian investments.”

“Today we are increasingly confronted with large multinationals that have their production sites abroad, and this sometimes means facing a competition that is not always fair. It is our challenge and our pride to guarantee at least the same quality using more technical materials and exploiting a much more advanced technology.”


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