Santex, the company and the people in it: Our R&D division

Santex, the company and the people in it: Our R&D division

The R&D division at Santex works out of the production plant in Meledo, which is dedicated to incontinence products. It is one of the most important divisions because the people who work there, behind the scenes, are the ones who bring top-quality, innovative products that cater to the different needs of their users to the shelves of Italian and international distributors, the wards of clinics and institutes, and also to people’s homes.

The construction and development of our range of own-brand or private label incontinence products always begins with careful analysis of the marketplace, with a specific focus on innovation within the sphere of raw materials, finished products and packaging, with the aim of designing and producing better and better items every day.

Research and Development at Santex

Santex does not compartmentalise everything it does. Our ’research and development activities‘ operate across the board throughout the company. R&D is not limited to materials and product development. It involves every production process, combining raw materials and production aims that can even be very different, to meet company expectations, customer requirements and, last but definitely not least, the needs of the end user.

At Santex, research and development activities do not just look at how to improve production efficiency for the available machinery, they also analyse the use of the product and the problem situations that we want to help the end user overcome: our focus on end users is one of the most important variables.

Incontinence products in the coming future

The incontinence product market is a constantly developing one, where volumes continue to grow. Today’s products are different from those from as recently as two years ago, and notably different from the aids used twenty years ago. In the past, they were extremely bulky and not very absorbent. In a future not too far away, products will continue to evolve until increasingly ergonomic, performing and discreet items are available to incontinence sufferers.

An incontinence product might seem like an unimportant item, but behind an adult diaper there is a wealth of production technology and logistics. The aim for the future is to look at improved performance with limited production costs.

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