What are the fundamental characteristics that an absorbent aid should have?

Incontinence is a disorder that can have an important impact on everyday life: women and men of all ages suffer from it. Based on various factors such as age, sedentary lifestyle, and the seriousness of the situation, it will be necessary to choose the best absorbent aid.

The characteristics of an absorbent aid may vary from the type of model. However, there are universal features, such as comfort, discretion, and – of course – security.

7 fundamental characteristics of an absorbent aid

Although each absorbent aid is different depending on the type, use, and size, some characteristics are the same:

  • ultra-rapid absorption: it must absorb and retain losses, so as to allow incontinent people to live their social life, but also their private life, in safety;
  • comfort and safety: it must be a real support, comfortable and safe, not an obstacle to everyday life;
  • breathable: it must be produced with soft and breathable materials, which allow the skin to breathe and follow the movements of the body;
  • discreet: it must be minimally invasive, it must not emit any noise, its presence must not be perceived;
  • anti-odor: it must be able to retain odors so that the wearer does not experience any kind of embarrassment;
  • hypoallergenic: must be produced in order to prevent skin irritation;
  • dry effect: must retain and absorb moisture.

The companies that manufacture the aids are obliged to follow all the recommendations required to be able to distribute them. These are medical devices, therefore all the characteristics of an absorbent aid must be absolutely respected.

Why is each absorbent aid different?

As we have already said, absorbent aids must be chosen according to the type of person who needs them. In fact, some aids have more absorption than others, some are made for mild incontinence, others for a more severe condition. It also changes the size number, the wearing type, and if it is used day or night.

For example, a sedentary but autonomous person may need a different model than a non-self- sufficient person.

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