Santex the company and the people in it: our quality control

Santex the company and the people in it: our quality control

The Quality laboratory at the Santex plant checks and approves materials and finished products every day, before these can become a part of our range of products for incontinence. Raw materials must comply with certain technical specifications and quality levels to guarantee finished product performance, as well as to be processed without problems or non-conformities. Quality and performance of raw materials are essential when it comes to manufacturing excellent absorbent products. Finished products need to comply with the buyer’s requirements, or to national and/or international standards that affect product performance, such as absorption capacity, liquid acquisition speed, and other technical specifications, including fit, softness, size and pad thickness. Last but not least, we have packaging and other factors (as in the case of manufacturing items for private brands).

Control procedures and methods

Checks of incoming raw materials serve to ensure that they comply with a series of pre-set parameters. At every product and project start-up, a list is drawn up and checked for all points that will guarantee the performance and stability of the product.

In the laboratory, all types of test recognised for Italian and export markets are performed, and to this we can add the process checks that are performed using technologically advanced devices along the production lines and to the visual checks carried out by workers on the floor.

Files and sample batches of raw materials, finished products and countersamples are then stored, together with the results of tests, for later audits.

The laboratory also implements nomenclature methods as well as the methods required by specific markets, such as MDS or ISO-DIS 11948-1 which are recognised at international level. This elasticity means it is possible to create and manufacture top- performance products for different destination markets, in Italy and abroad.

How is this work translated into the products and services that the customer receives?

We work with the aim of translating our work into products and services that leave our customers completely satisfied.

What this means is that the quality of the items our clients receive is completely in line with their expectations, and that the product meets the requirements of the market for which they were designed. Lastly, for complete customer satisfaction, we do not just limit what we do to painstaking attention to our product, but we apply this to the whole process, including packaging, since this too is an essential part in the overall assessment of the item received.

Checks are also performed on the last stage in packaging to ensure that the primary and secondary packs are whole, undamaged and perfectly sealed.

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